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Sep. 19th, 2010 06:04 pm
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I've left this place to rot for a while, because I haven't been over to DW in ages, but since I plan on moving here permanently, I figure it's time I stopped being a jackass and pay attention to things here.

So I have a question: What would you guys like to see here? Would you like theme posts like ontd_creepy? Weekly things along those lines? I'd appreciate any and all input on how to get this place kicking, and I'm possibly looking for a co-mod or two, since I'm notoriously bad with keeping up with my own name, much less anything else. If you're interested, pm me.

Date: 2010-09-20 04:38 am (UTC)
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The "layout credit" overlaps with the comment
section, blocking my view of what I'm typing when I
I get about halfway across the comment section.
That's why this is formatted the way it is.

I don't bother with ANY of the Oh No You Didn't
sites, so I don't know what their theme posts are

I'd like this to be a place where members can
discuss the paranormal as skeptics, as believers,
and as everything in-between. Personal experiences,
supernatural tales, urban legends, meta (for
example, ways to create the special effects in a
movie or TV show involving ghosts or magic,
paranormal fiction, paranormal non-fiction, tropes
that you're tired of, tropes that you absolutely

A smorgasbord, in other words. A little bit of
everything, so as to appeal to the widest possible

What do you think?


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