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Anybody else following the story about the UFO sightings over Manhattan yesterday? (And if so, how are you following the story? Any good blogs or news sites to suggest?)

I'm fascinated by this story, because for a long time people have been saying that the real UFOlogy holy grail at the moment is a sighting over a large city where everybody has cameraphones and security cameras and news helicopters, and we can get a lot of footage and photos to go with eyewitness accounts.

It looks like that's finally happened! Regardless of what the thing that was in the sky yesterday actually was, there was *something* in the sky over Manhattan which many people saw and few could identify. I'm interested in seeing how many different videos & photos turn up over the next few days. It seems like it'll make a neat baseline for other paranormal sightings, to know just how likely people actually *are* to pull out the cameras when something strange shows up, and just how hard it is to get useful images in those conditions.`

Date: 2010-10-17 05:50 pm (UTC)
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lol Late reply is late, but do you have some links? I haven't heard a thing about this, and I even have a weird news app on my phone.


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