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Figured I'd tell you kids a little story about one of my more memorable run-ins with the paranormal. The town I live in has a theatre that dates back...Well, from around the 20s, I think the records state. In the early 30s, the projection booth caught on fire, and the projectionist, who was up there with his lady friend, died in the fire.

Years later the theatre was remodeled and made into a live production theatre. You know, with a stage, dressing rooms in the basement (creepy on its own), and just all around outfitted for that kind of show. The projection booth was turned into a light and sound booth, and all in all, it's very nice in an art deco kind of way. Even if there's a lack of bathrooms on the first floor (one of each...I wonder who thought that was a brilliant plan of action).

Anyway, when I was in high school and my first year of college, the theatre ran a summer stock musical. I was big into performing in those, and did so every year until they stopped. And during rehearsals is when Charlie (that was the projectionist's name) liked to come out and play.

It started off small. This was the year with did Anything Goes, and the last year I remember the theatre putting on a summer production. I'd feel something brush against me upstairs when no one was there or there was nothing to bump against. Every once in a while something would tug on my hair. Not hard, but enough to get my attention.

I remember one night everyone in the building that night, including our light and sound tech, were on the apron of the stage, getting the night's notes, And we had the house lights up. Then, out of nowhere, the houselights and main stage lights went down, only leaving a few of the spots on, and the lights at the foot of the stage. Very creepy. We were all a little weirded out by that, because everyone was present and accounted for, and we kept the front door locked for security reasons while we rehearsed.

The kicker for me, however, was when, finding the downstairs ladies' room occupied, I trooped upstairs to where the bigger bathroom with multiple stalls was located. And while I was in there, taking care of business, the doors to the other stalls started banging against their frames hard enough to make me peek under the door to see if someone was screwing with me. And, of course, there was no one in there with me, and the doors kept it up until I left the stall.

Despite all this, however, I can't say I was ever really scared upstairs, where most of the stuff took place. It was the basement dressing rooms that scared the bejeesus out of me, and I never could pinpoint why that was. Nothing, and I mean nothing, ever happened down there.

That wasn't the worst thing ever that I've seen/heard/felt, but it was memorable, because several other people in the production had similar things happen to them. One friend swore up and down that they felt someone was going to push them off the sign that overhung the front of the building when he went out there to smoke. I never got that feeling, but then you had to go out on the sign by way of the ladies' room with the banging doors. So who knows?

Anyway, that's my story. Well, one of them. And I figured if anyone was gonna kick this thing off, it might as well be me. XD

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