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Nov. 4th, 2012 07:39 pm
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I figured that since we're starting afresh here in the comm, and we have some new members, we could do a little get-to-know-you session. Nothing serious, just an idea of what everyone's into.

For starters, I'm Amanda. I've had a multitude of paranormal experiences over the course of my life, some of which you can read about here, if you're just dying to know about them. I'm mostly interested in the occult, ghosts, demonic entities, shadow people, ghost ships (seriously, they freak me out), cryptids, and things like ghost lights. I don't know everything, but I'm always eager to learn more.

On the side, I knit, crochet, ghost hunt, bake, and play servant to my rabbit, Guinness, and my dog, Butch.

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And since it is, hold on to your britches, y'all. The comm's about to get a massive overhaul.

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WELCOME TO [community profile] paranormal.
I'll be your modly one, [personal profile] zombie. This is just going to be a quick welcome/guidelines post so things can run smoothly, not that I expect any trouble. In my experience, we junkies for the paranormal tend to be some of the nicest people around.

&! I want to implement tagging here, to keep discussion organized, so I'm going to leave this post open to suggestions on what you would like to see tagging-wise. I was thinking something along the lines of the following: For example, if it's a discussion on ghosts, it could be tagged as discussion: ghosts. That way everything branches out, yes?
&! You can also view this as the official Q&A post, and I'll set up another one as questions are added and answered, and link it in the info.
&! Um. I think that's it.

Welcome, and enjoy your stay!


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