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Hello dead community, nice to meet you.

I've been infatuated with the paranormal for years, but haven't had a whole lot of experiences with it before. I've never seen anything with my own eyes and because of that I remain skeptical, though I would love love love to be swayed over to the other side. I have a few minor experiences:

- A few months ago, my friends and I found a dilapidated, spooky cemetery in the middle of the woods near their house. In the middle of the graveyard, the foundations of a church that had burned down years before are still intact. In my infinite wisdom, I decided that we should do a tarot session on the foundations, because if there was ever an appropriate place for a divination it was there. By the time we had set everything up, the sun had gone down. During the divination, my friend's sister claimed she saw black figures circling near the trees around us. The rest of the group ignored her because she'd been known to hallucinate and she is basically a huge chicken. Her fear escalated and finally the rest of us decided that it was best to leave. As we walked back to the car, my friend who was walking ahead of us screamed and ran back to join the rest of the group. She claimed she saw a figure next to her car. This was extremely out of character for her, so we got the hell out of there as fast as we could. I didn't see anything myself, so I can't back it up, but something definitely felt... different that night.

- Once I was laying on the couch in my grandma's house, alone, lightly napping. I was aware of what was going on around me and I am POSITIVE I was not dreaming. I heard a child call my name. Expecting my 2-year-old nephew to come through the back door, I sat up and waited. He never came through the door. I got up and checked outside and no one was there. Once again, I am totally sure I wasn't dreaming. For hours after that, the house felt different. I can't explain it.

- I went camping a few months ago, and while sitting around the fire with one of my friends I felt something pull my shirt from the back. I jumped as soon as it happened and looked behind me, but there was nothing that my shirt could have caught on, and besides, I had been completely still when it had happened.

Nothing else has happened to me besides a series of surreal, too-true-to-be-coincidental tarot spreads.

Also, I'd love for this community to be active. Maybe we could have weekly discussion posts? I'd love to know what everyone thinks ghosts or spirits actually are. I've heard some really interesting theories involving alternate universes and ghosts being the product of where the universes meet.


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Figured I'd tell you kids a little story about one of my more memorable run-ins with the paranormal. The town I live in has a theatre that dates back...Well, from around the 20s, I think the records state. In the early 30s, the projection booth caught on fire, and the projectionist, who was up there with his lady friend, died in the fire.

Years later the theatre was remodeled and made into a live production theatre. You know, with a stage, dressing rooms in the basement (creepy on its own), and just all around outfitted for that kind of show. The projection booth was turned into a light and sound booth, and all in all, it's very nice in an art deco kind of way. Even if there's a lack of bathrooms on the first floor (one of each...I wonder who thought that was a brilliant plan of action).

Anyway, when I was in high school and my first year of college, the theatre ran a summer stock musical. I was big into performing in those, and did so every year until they stopped. And during rehearsals is when Charlie (that was the projectionist's name) liked to come out and play.

Cut to spare your flists. )

That wasn't the worst thing ever that I've seen/heard/felt, but it was memorable, because several other people in the production had similar things happen to them. One friend swore up and down that they felt someone was going to push them off the sign that overhung the front of the building when he went out there to smoke. I never got that feeling, but then you had to go out on the sign by way of the ladies' room with the banging doors. So who knows?

Anyway, that's my story. Well, one of them. And I figured if anyone was gonna kick this thing off, it might as well be me. XD


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